GigaFlight has a new aerospace-grade “Special HDMI Cable Sets” High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) custom cable assembly and can provide it to our customers in record time! Our new HDMI cable enables a higher resolution for increased clarity whether you are viewing data and video during critical missions or using IFE during travel.

Application of Special HDMI Cable Sets

  • Flight management

  • Digital video

  • EFB

  • IFE

  • Blu-Ray

  • HDMI VIP custom refits

  • Electronic devices

  • Glass cockpit

  • Weather and terrain mapping

The thin lightweight design meets industry requirement for high data rates on airborne digital networks / systems and is small enough to fit into tight spaces and light enough to save weight on aircraft. It allows the user to view critical video and data as clearly as possible on high definition and high quality displays, delivering a reliable signal transmission without fail. Specifications include:

  • 4K p60/59, 12 Gbps cable assemblies up to 15ft

  • 4K p30/24, 6 Gbps cable assemblies up to 50 ft

  • Each assembly is tested per GigaFlight’s Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP)

  • Test report included with each serialized assembly

  • HDMI to HDMI, HDMI to DVI, or HDMI to HD 26 pin D-Subs

If using GigaFlight’s HDMI for ground applications, the lightweight flexible cable transmits high-speed video / data instantly and enables clear, critical, and reliable intel information to be viewed in the battlefield arena for mobile communications networks.

Further opportunities include: transportation (rail), motor sports (telemetry), medical, marine, military fighting vehicles, and sea.

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About Gigaflight

GigaFlight Connectivity Inc was founded by Air Force veteran, Ben Hackett, on November 17, 2017, with the intent to provide high performance electronic cable and connector products, timely technical support, and old-fashioned customer service. Located in the heart of the Aerospace wire and cable community, GigaFlight has pulled together a team of highly recognized individuals in the industry.

We are as passionate about our products as we are about customer satisfaction. With decades of aerospace experience, we understand the challenges and know what it takes to make and keep promises you can count on. The team at GigaFlight is committed to making YOU our top priority.

Our current product lines are designed to be a drop-in replacement or suitable alternative for many of the popular lines in the industry today. GigaFlight will continue to design new and innovative products for future programs and systems.

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